As the leader you get to, no you must, make the rules for the game you want your organization to play.

A Manifesto is your intentional and strategic application of differentiating values that you as the leader want every member of your team to abide by. Manifestos are magical and effective when done well. They paint a vision of possibility, stir hope and inspire change. By putting together a Manifesto for your organization you declare publicly your intentions and motives to your team clarifying how you expect success (Your Why?) to happen in your organization.

Why (Why it exists, what is destined to accomplish):

Lead Leaders to Significance, by Example

The Rules (How the Why is going to be accomplished):

Training Leaders for The Best Game is about building leadership capacity intentionally. It requires:

Personal Growth - Recognizing that as leaders our own capabilities and capacities determine the limits of our success as well as that of our organization, we are focused on building our own abilities, knowledge and experiences to bring out the best of our teams and ourselves.

Commitment – Being committed to the continuous development of our personal capabilities requires regular input and presence. This may mean making sacrifices to be at meetings on time as well as doing the homework.

Honesty - The ability to be honest is critical to productive relationships.  For trust to be built, we will be lovingly truthful with one another. Taking the initiative to share experiences, struggles, and joy promotes honesty and requires risk. We will take that risk in the safety of intentional relationships.

 Confidentiality - Our open and honest relationships must be guarded with an agreement of safety.  Confidentiality is the foundation of openness and honesty promising that whatever is shared within the confines of our relationships will not be repeated elsewhere without permission.