a great word for describing the employee we want on our teams and, we want to be.

Engaged employees are involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their work and workplace. How do we make that happen?

Start with you.

Are you engaged?  What are the factors that get you involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to what you do? 

You are engaged because you use your skills, knowledge, and experiences (personal resources) to:

  • Create an attractive product or service,

  • Contribute to solving a problem,

  • Make something meaningful happen,

  • Watch your contributions make a difference,

  • Empower someone or a team to succeed.

Just like water flows downhill, so does engagement.  Figure out what causes you to be engaged and then use what you learn to create opportunities for others to get engaged.

Training to Play the Best Game is a 2-part process that first focuses on how you find engagement and then builds on that to help you create engagement opportunities for others.  Here's an overview of the two parts:

Part I: Identify your talents, skills, abilities, passion, strengths, experience, and knowledge.  Just as great chefs must intimately know the ingredients they combine to make a successful meal; good leaders must intimately know their own resources, so they can build and effectively engage teams that consistently win.

Part II: Building an infrastructure and engagement framework that will effectively and efficiently serve the goal of the leader AND the organization.

What follows is more detail on what each of the 12 workshops focus.

Part I – Focus on You and Your Personal Resources

Workshop 1 - Introduction/Overview

Workshop 2 - Your Strengths (utilizing the book Strengths 2.0*) - What You Say About Yourself

Workshop 3 - Your Skills, Abilities, Knowledge, ExperienceWhat’s Happened to You

Workshop 4 - Your Problem-Solving Skills (utilizing the online inventory Kolbe A*) – Identifying the Instincts You Were Born With

Workshop 5 - Your Best Self, What Others Say About You

Workshop 6 – Your Emotional Intelligence (utilizing the book Emotional Intelligence 2.0*) - How You Influence Others to Make Things Happen

(*Books and/or online inventories)

Part II - An Effective Engagement Model - The Best Game, Investing Resources for Their Highest and Best Use

Workshop 7 – Your Goal/Why Most everyone knows what their organization does, that’s easy to identify.  But what touches people’s hearts is not WHAT your organization does, but WHY it does it. Can you articulate why your organization even exists?  And, WHY should anyone care?  This short workshop will help you understand the importance of appealing to people’s hearts first with an appealing WHY statement. 

Workshop 8 - Your Rules from Your Values Timeline In this workshop, leaders will understand the importance of a limited set of clear rules that guide the behavior or the team.  Just like in any good game, the clearer the rules, and the better the players know them, the better the performance.

Workshop 9 - Player Requirements and Expectations, Your Position Mandate The right players, with the right abilities, with the right attitude, in the right positions, determine the success of the organization. In this workshop, we will work through a format for communicating great expectations and setting the stage for extraordinary performance.

Workshop 10a – Strategy, Your Future Facts

Workshop 10b – Strategy, Your Objectives and Key Results

In these two “working on the business” workshops, leader/influencers will understand that to win, they must first identify the precious and scarce resources available to them and the organization. And then, determine exactly where those resources can be focused to make important things happen at the right time, in the right way, at the right cost, by the right person.

Workshop 11 – Measurement, Scoreboards Are Performance Feedback Work should be something that challenges us, something we look forward to.  Most of the time it should be enjoyable.  For most people it’s not, because there’s little meaning or feedback about the contributions. In this focused workshop, leaders will explore how to develop measurements that are meaningful and reflective of strategic performance critical to making the organization’s mission reality.

Deliverable: Your Playbook – A compilation of all of the hard work you have completed in one place.  Now you have something you can refer to, refresh, develop.

Thinking of any kind of organization as a game in terms of having a clear Goal, a few strategic Rules, the right Players, a shared Strategy to win, and Measurement that tells how we are doing, can help you tackle the challenges and opportunities that come with leading. 

Once you work through the 2-part process of Growing Your Leadership Quotient, you will have a Playbook that will give you a solid foundation for running your organization for a long time to come.

Running any kind of organization around the principles of a game sets the foundation for success.  I’ve done it.  Others have done it.  And it works.

When you decide you want to begin the journey of engagement, I will be ready.  Contact me and we will set a date.